Japan's enthusiasms for collectibles

“If you go down to the dump today, you’re sure of a big surprise...” We know everyone’s taken a hobby too far but the Japanese propensity for mass collecting items is a quirk amongst all nations. We set out to track down hoarders of musical possessions to shed some light on why the Japanese are driven to the ends of their bank balance and beyond to fill their homes with just one item of obsession.

Toy collection image

Our journey revealed a medley of minds fascinated with minutia. Many just felt safe whilst jostled amongst their hoard or in some cases even referred to them as their family. Many of these accumulators felt closer to a bygone age or perhaps nearer to their youth. Some felt they understood the world better or were less anxious after they left their jobs to focus on saving every item from a fate worse than the landfill: total obscurity.

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