How to use

  • Topical use: Apply to your desired areas, chakras, and Vita Flex points as needed. When applied on your chest Hinoki oil stimulate your respiratory system to encourage a qualitative breath.

  • Haircare: Add 1–3 drops of Hinoki oil to your shampoo and/or conditioner.

  • For a bath: Use  2-3 drops.

  • For a diffuser: Use 3 to 6 drops. When using at home or in your office, it will create emotional balance, promote calm and energizing effects. It will also help to reduce feelings of anxiousness.

  • During meditation: When applied to chakras points it may enhance your spiritual awareness. Refer to the caution section on how to use topically.

  • To refresh the air: Apply 1-2 drops on tissues or handkerchiefs. Place it wherever your wish (bedroom, desk, car) and enjoy the refreshing scent. It is also a good way to repeal insects during summertime.

  • To prevent bacterial growth and odor: Add 1–2 drops of Hinoki Ritual to shoes, hats, and jackets.