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Our Hinoki Ritual is the promise of a sensorial journey to the land of Japan: let your soul guide you towards a mood-shifting experience in the quiet Japanese cypress forest of Yoshino.

Promoting the health benefits of Shinrin-Yoku (the Japanese Art of Forest Bathing), our 100% pure and organic Hinoki essential oil will balance the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system to a calm and composed state. 

Traditionally used for building shrines in Japan, our Hinoki Ritual has a heady, woodsy aroma that will stimulate your senses while promoting a deep relaxation of the body and the mind: it is a delightful aromatherapy gift for yourself or a special someone.

Enjoy the zen mood of a Japanese onsen from the comfort of your home with Hinoki Ritual.

  • Topical use:¬†Apply to your desired areas, chakras, and Vita Flex points as needed. When applied on your chest Hinoki oil stimulate your respiratory system to encourage a qualitative breath.

  • Haircare:¬†Add¬†1‚Äď3 drops of Hinoki oil to your shampoo and/or conditioner.

  • For a bath:¬†Use¬†¬†2-3 drops.

  • For a diffuser:¬†Use¬†3 to 6 drops. When using¬†at home or in your office, it will create emotional balance,¬†promote calm and energizing effects. It will also help to reduce feelings of anxiousness.

  • During meditation:¬†When applied to chakras points it may enhance your spiritual awareness. Refer to the caution section on how to use topically.

  • To refresh the air:¬†Apply 1-2 drops on tissues or handkerchiefs. Place it wherever your wish (bedroom, desk, car) and enjoy the refreshing scent. It is also a good way to repeal insects during summertime.

  • To¬†prevent bacterial growth and odor:¬†Add 1‚Äď2 drops of¬†Hinoki Ritual¬†to shoes, hats, and jackets.

Main components:¬†őĪ-pinene,¬†D limonene,¬†ő≤-pinene
Raw material name:  Chamaecyparis Obtusa 
Family: Hinoki
Country of origin: Yoshino Forest, Nara Prefecture, Japan
Extraction Material: Lumber
Extraction Type: Steam Distillation

Our Hinoki essential oil has been extracted from carefully grown cypress trees: our Japanese supplier has been working as a family-owned producer of Hinoki oil since 2008.

  • When applying the oil to the skin, it is best to dilute it with a carrier oil, such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil to minimize skin sensitivity. Our recommendation is one¬†drop of Hinoki Ritual for 1/2 teaspoon of carrier oil.
  • When used aromatically or topically, cypress oil is generally safe and non-toxic. Keep in mind that a potential skin sensitivity reaction can occur.¬†¬†Make sure to perform a patch test before using cypress oil directly on the skin.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor‚Äôs care, consult your physician before to use.

  • As of now, there is not enough research to support its safety for children. Consequently, we recommend avoiding the use of our Hinoki oil for young children.

  • Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.¬†
Our Hinoki Ritual is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always discuss with your medical practitioner before using any alternative medicines such as our Hinoki essential oil. All information, content, and product descriptions contained within our website are for reference purposes and are not intended to substitute advice given by a pharmacist, physician, or other licensed healthcare professional. You should not use this information for treating a health problem or disease or to make a self-diagnosis.